Free Template: Bubble Chains


This free template give all the code you need to start your own chain gameDownload Capx here:!AkkyienG55tghfd06NdI2M5FG4Iu5gDon't forget to rate and comment!hold touch and drag to connect the bubbles of same colour.- only bubbles along side or diagonal will connect- drag back to previous bubble to unselect.

match 3


match 3 game that i have made for a school project. I have made this game with the plugins from rexrainbowDrag the floombas with your mouse to swap with the floomba next to it.Create a combination of 3 or more floombas of the same color to get points.Score as many points as possible in 1 minute.

UFBA – Biotecnologia


Projeto UFBA – Biotecnologia, usar microarray pra resolver o problema do paciente de um hospital.Mouse Only. usa o mouse pra fazer todas a ações do game.

Energy Supplier


Use the different objects provided in this cooperative game to guide the energy ball to the power supply box to turn it on.Arrow keys -> First player movementCtrl -> First player action buttonRDFG -> Second player movementA -> Second player action button5 -> Insert Coin



The remake nobody asked for, but everyone was mildly indifferent to! Click on the fruit! Don't click on the bombs! Get the high score or something to that effect!Click on fruit.Don't click on bombs.Press space to retry.

Mosasaurus Madness


Swim along, eat food, advance levels. Don't forget to read.8-direction with arrow keyslefr right up down



Get full game at or tap rhombuses to interract.

Niilo Soundboard


Click on the text blocks to hear some meme audioclips :')1. Click on a text box2. Listen to the audio clip until it's over3. Repeat steps 1 & 2

Johan the Unicorn


Hi! My name is Joohan! I'm a magical unicorn from Estonia!I Like marzipan and safety in internet! :3Left arrow – go backwardsRight arrow – go forwardsUpper arrow – jump

Snowball World


Get your sunglasses out and help Snowball in his adventure. Dear Snowball will have to go through 20 levels, in a new world with many obstacles to overcome. And on the way, you have to catch all the birds and rats in the world. Find the key and go through the door that leads to a new level! Snowball Summer World is an amazing game with 20 levels, great graphics and colors, many effects and animations that make the game more fun!Play Full Version at touch ControlsTouch on the screen to make Snowball JumpSnowball moves automaticallyCome in contact with white bush for snowball to change directionPlay Full Version at

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